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The Story

My name is Yali and I am a self-taught artist interested in Arabic calligraphy. My early fascination with Arabic calligraphy started at the age of 9 by practicing Al Ruqʿah script. However, it was not until the age of 17 that I continuously committed to experimenting and practicing calligraphy. The past 10 years that I spent working on improving my calligraphy skills have been a great beginning of an even greater chapter of this extraordinary Journey. My BA in psychology had a great influence in shaping my understanding of life which -in turn- has been reflected in my artworks.
The passion I have for literature and especially Arabic poetry has always been present in my artworks as I work on bringing out the charm of poetry using calligraphy. My goal is to offer others the chance to see how beautiful poetry is through calligraphy which I usually describe as "Music to the eyes".

Participations and Awards

  • Istanbul Art and Antique Fair, IAAF 

Istanbul, Turkey / December 2020 - May 2021
Online Exhibition

  • IMMIX International Online Group Exhibition, Exhibizone

Ontario, Canada / September - October 2021

Online Exhibition

Public Choice Award Winner, IMMIX International Online Group Exhibition

  • Art & Culture Festival, MAPS-MCOC,

Seattle, USA / October, 30 2021

  • OBSERVICA - Summer 2021 magazine, Discover the Artist

Ontario, Canada / October, 12 2021

Online Issue

  • Istanbul Art and Antique Fair, IAAF

Istanbul, Turkey / November, 03 - 07 2021

  • Shades of Blue International Juried Visual Arts Competition, Camelback Gallery

Arizona, USA / February, 06 -11 2022

Online Exhibition

Likes Award WinnerShades of Blue International Juried Visual Arts Competition

  • Galeri Art's Online Group Exhibition, Galeri Art's

Istanbul, Turkey / February, 26 - March, 04 2022

Online Exhibition

  • The Bellevue College Outdoor Mural Competition, Bellevue College

Seattle, WA, USA / April, 2022

Winner of the Outdoor Mural Competition

See Finalist Announcement

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  • Hanbell Gallery, Culturally Arts Collective

Texas, USA / May, 2022
Online Exhibition


  • Artist in Residence, Culturally Arts Collective

Culturally Arts Collective
Texas, USA / May, 2022


  • ArtContact Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair

Istanbul, Turkey / 25-29 May 2022


  • Artemis, Galerie d'Art La Visione

Istanbul, Turkey / 09-16 June 2022

  • Autumn Exhibition, D31 Art Gallery

Doncaster, UK / 01 October-15 December 2022

Online Exhibition

  • Participation, The Art of Water

Funded by a Washington State Grant, 2021

Online art Showcase Website - Link

  • Artankara International Contemporary Art Fair 9th edition

Ankara, Turkey / March 09-12, 2023


  • Fugit Hora Art Exhibition, Goya Art Community

Guray Museum, Cappadocia, Turkey / May 12-26, 2023


  • Art Revolution Taipei, A.R.T. 2023

Taipei, Taiwan/ May 04-08, 2023


Finalist, The International Artist Grand Prize Competition 

  • Four Seasons in Love, Galerie d'Art La Visione

Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Istanbul, Turkey / February 14-17, 2024


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